Is it safe to run barefoot

Some people may worry about walking or running barefoot, for fear of injury and injury. This is indeed not entirely wrong. Running barefoot does have certain risks to health, but on the other hand also has various benefits. Running is one of the most popular sports. Besides not requiring a lot of money, this sport is also known to have many benefits. Barefoot Running Potential to Provide Benefits Although not yet familiar to hear, in fact there are various potential benefits of running barefoot, for example, helps relieve stress. In addition, running barefoot also has various health benefits, namely: Stronger muscles One of the great benefits of running barefoot is to strengthen leg muscles. In addition, running barefoot is also useful for improving posture. Sleep better For those of you who have sleep disorders like insomnia, you can try running barefoot. Running barefoot on the grass can reduce the hormone cortisol (stress hormone), so you can sleep well and wake up
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